Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Concise History of a Nation Reborn

Israel is a tiny state and yet since its creation, it has captured the world's attention, earned its admiration and often, been the object of its opprobrium. Why is so much of the international community focused on a small country like Israel? Why are Israelis so deeply divided on so many key issuse? Why does Israel Make the decisions it does? And what lies in its future?

We cannot answer these questions until we understand Israel's People-their hopes and disappointments, their accomplishments and missteps and teh enduring questions that animate their conversations and guide their actions. Weaving together historical documents, letters and interviews, as well as Gordis's own intimate knowledge of the country and its people. Israel tells the story of the idea of Israel-when idea of a Jewish state originated, how the dream was transformed into reallity and how Israel's history has unfolded-and why. Israel probes the soul of both a people and a country that have long triumphed over adversity, but which still face grave-some say insurmountable-challenges.

As he guides us through the millestones of Israeli history, Gordis also recounts many of the stories that are central to how Israelis understand themselves and their country. He introduced the passionate and formidable personalities that pioneered the country and shaped its pivotal moments. Gordis illustrates how Israel became a cultural, economic and Military powerhouse-but he also explains where Israel mad e grave mistakes and traces the long history of Israel's international isolation.

Clear-eyed and authoritative, Gordis illustrates that beyond all else, Israel's prime purpose-and its major accomplishment-have been the modern rebirth of the Jewish People.

With Israel , gordis offers us a brief  but thorugh history of this complex nation, for its beginnings to the present. Accessible, level-headed and rigorios, Israel sheds light on Israel's past so we can understand its present and future. The result is a vivid portrait of a people and a nation, reborn.

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