Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Organic Products

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 Organic Products 

India Organic & USDA Certified 

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JUST ORGANIK ARHAR DAL 500g Price : Rs. 112.00 /-

JUST ORGANIK CHANA DAL 500g  Price:  Rs. 85.00/-

JUST ORGANIK CHANA WHOLE ( KALA CHANA) 500g Price ; Rs. 85.00/- 

JUST ORGANIK CHICKPEA KABULI, 500g, Price: Rs. 112.00/-

JUST ORGANIK MOONG DAL MOGAR, 500g, Price : Rs. 121.00/-

JUST ORGANIK , MASOOR MALKA MOGAR , 500g, Price: Rs85.00/-

TURMERIC POWDER 100g, Price : Rs. 52.00/-

CUMIN (JEERA) WHOLE 100g, Price: Rs. 72.00/-
RED CHILLI POWDER REGULAR 100g , Price: Rs. 58.00/-

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